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 Donau Fietspad
Bikeline Radreiseführer

Donau-Fietspad 2

Oostenrijk Von Passau naar Wenen

330 km
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 Cycling Provence
Bikeline Cycling Guide

Arles-Nimes-Avignon-Camargue /France
Provence - The name alone sounds inviting to every traveller. Let yourself be enchanted by ancient towns and historic monasteries, by the rich scent from fields of lavender, the charm of tiny villages and French joie de vivre. A refreshing plunge into the Mediterranean is just one of the many highlights of this bicycle tour.
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 Cycling Northern France
Cycling Northern France
Andrew Stevenson
Cycle Routes North of the Loire
256 pages, numerous photos & graphics, full colour throughout, spiral bound
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 Moselle River Trail
Moselle River Trail
From Metz to the Rhine

1:50.000, 307 km
The vineyard-lined Moselle River valley provides a uniquely inviting setting for an especially enjoyable bicycle tour. Trace some 310 kilometers of the river's meandering bends and curves while learning about its rich and varied history. Test whether the light and fruity Moselle wines live up to their reputation, and stroll (or roll) through the ancient narrow lanes and splendid avenues of the river's charming villages and historic cities.
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 Baltic Sea Cycle
Iron Curtain Trail 2 - Baltic Sea Cycle Route
from Riga to Luebeck
1700 km

To properly live, breathe and experience history - that is the goal of the "Iron Curtain Trail". From the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, this guide takes you along the Western border of the former Warsaw Pact countries, all the way across Europe. The route does not just connect European culture, history and sustainable tourism but it also provides historically-interested cyclists with some spectacularly beautiful and varied landscapes and unique habitats that were able to emerge in the former border strip, which is today the European Green Belt.
The maps in the revised edition are more accurately scaled at 1: 85, 000. This volume describes the 1, 700-kilometre-long part of the route along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route from Riga to Lübeck
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 Bikeine Danube Bike Trail - German Danube From Donaueschingen to Passau
Danube Bike Trail 1
Cycling Guide

Part 1: German Danube. From Donaueschingen to Passau. 1:50.000, 600 km
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 Danube Bike Tril 2
Danube Bike Trail 2
Cycling guide
Part 2: Austrian Danube - From Passau to Vienna, 1:50.000, 330 km
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 Bikeline Danube Bke Trail Slovakian and Hungarian Danube from Vienna to Budapest
Danube Bike Trail 03
Cycling guide
Slovakian and Hungarian Danube
From Vienna to Budapest, 1 :75.000, 334 km
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Michael Cramer: Iron Curtain Trail 3 German-German Border Trail
Along the "Green Belt" from Lübeck to Hof, 1:85.000, 1.100 km
Taking you through a tangible part of European history - that is the goal of the Iron Curtain Trail. It winds its way through vestiges of the cold war across Europe, from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. The route not only connects European culture, history and sustainable tourism, but guides the interested cyclist through a diversity of landscapes and the unique biotopes of the European Green Belt that were able to establish themselves in the no man's land between East and West.
This third volume documents the southern section of the Trail, from the German-Czech border at Hof to the Bulgarian-Turkish border by the Black Sea at Carevo, about 3300 km away. The route takes the cyclist over the heights of the Bohemian Forest, past Moravia and the Slovak capital Bratislava and on to cross the Danube River at Vienna. Along the southern border of Hungary the route goes through Slovenia and Croatia and then mostly follows the Danube River between Romania and Serbia before reaching Bulgaria. The last part of the route then follows the Bulgarian borders with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, before ending at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
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 Cycling in Switzerland The Aare Route
Cycling in Switzerland
The Aare Route
Die 305 km lange Route folgt der Aare vom Gletschersee auf dem Grimselpass bis zu ihrer Vereinigung mit dem Rhein bei Koblenz. Nach der atemberaubenden Passabfahrt von der Grimsel, vorbei an der Aareschlucht
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 Cycling in Central Virginia
Cycling in Central Virginia
A guide for road cycling enthusiasts on both sides of the Blue Ridge Mountains, introducing readers to some of the most agreeable and scenic road riding on the East Coast
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 Cycling in Northern California
Adventure Cycling in Northern California:
Selected on and Off Road Rides
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 Pacific Coast by Bike
Pacific Coast Bicycle Route #1
Vancouver, British Columbia - Astoria, Oregon (402 Miles)
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 Cycling the Great Divide
Cycling the Great Divide
from Canada to Mexico on North America's Premier Long-Distance Mountain Bike Route
eBook im EPUB-Format. Bitte beachten Sie die Systemvoraussetzungen für unsere mit Adobe DRM geschützten eBooks. Lieferung nur innerhalb Deutschlands
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 Pedalare - a history of Italian Cycling
Pedalare! The History of Italian Cycling
Cycling was a sport so important in Italy that it marked a generation, sparked fears of civil war, changed the way Italian was spoken, led to legal reform and even prompted the Pope himself to praise a cyclist, by name, from his balcony in St Peter's in Rome. It was a sport so popular that it created the geography of Italy in the minds of her citizens, and some have said that it was cycling, not political change, that united Italy. "Pedalare! Pedalare!" is the first complete history of Italian cycling to be published in English. The book moves chronologically from the first Giro d'Italia (Italy's equivalent of the Tour de France) in 1909 to the present day. The tragedies and triumphs of great riders such as Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali appear alongside stories of the support riders, snow-bound mountains and the first and only woman to ride the whole Giro. Cycling's relationship with Italian history, politics and culture is always up front, with reference to fascism, the cold war and the effect of two world wars. The sport is explored alongside changes in Italian society as a whole, from the poor peasants who took up cycling in the early, pioneering period, to the slick, professional sport of today. Scandals and controversy appear throughout the book as constant features of the connection between fans, journalists and cycling. Concluding with an examination of doping, which has helped to destroy what was at one time the most popular sport of all, "Pedalare, Pedalare" is an engrossing history of a national passion.
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Cycling Atlas Europe
The 350 Most Beautiful Cycling Routes in Europe
304 pages, 350 colour photographs and maps
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Donnacha Clifford: Cycling Kerry
With some of Ireland's most beautiful and untamed scenery, 400km of rugged coastline and enticingly peaceful roads, what better way to explore County Kerry than by bike?
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